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Raven's Fine Art Dog Portraits
"I would rather see a portrait of a dog that I know than all the allegorical paintings in the world." -- Samuel Johnson

Photo of Boone from which portrait was done
Original Photograph
finished dog portrait of Boone
Ink & Watercolor Dog Portrait


"YOU know better than anyone else how much your dogs' personalities contribute to their special beauty. As a professional artist specializing in animal portraits, I take pride in creating artwork that captures not just the physical likeness of your pet, but also the character that portrays his or her true soul." -- Raven

Ranger    My dog portraits, which are based on your clear, detailed photographs, are drawn in permanent ink on top-quality watercolor paper at a finished size of approximately 8" x 10" or larger. IndyThe one-of-a-kind original portrait is then given a light watercolor wash for a warmer, more realistic look. Portraits come ready to be matted and framed by your framing professional to suit you own individual taste and decor.   If you wish, I can also make your dog portrait into mugs, note cards, or make you additional prints for family and friends.  I do portraits of dogs, cats, horses and many other animals. I can also do composite portraits of multiple animals and also do special backgrounds and small alternate pose insets on your dog portrait.  Please check the portraits plus page for more details or my "Biography Portraits" for a truly memorable option.